This was some sort of butter statue.  I never got any specifics on it, but it's pretty damn nasty!  I did however get a craving for pancakes and toast.  *grin*

Here's the new "Z-Car" from Nissan, the 350Z.  It's not quite as ugly as some of the commercials have made it, but i just don't know if it's a true Z.  It's also pretty damn expensive.  :-/

I spent the greatest amount of time with these bad-boys.  It took a little time and patients, but I eventually got them to trust me enough to pet them.  How many people out there can say they've pet ostriches?  *GRIN*  Their necks are sooo soft, and theyir body feathers are so hard and course.  (at least as far as feathers go)  It was just fun playing with these 2.

It's hard to see, but this is what the ostriches did to my hand while I was "taming" them.  It never really hurt, but they sure pecked at me enough!

These emu's were so gentle it was rediculous!  I (and others) would pet them, and they never even made a move like they were going to peck.  Even when feeding them by hand, they were very gentle and didn't peck the hand!  COMPLETELY different from the ostriches!

They had 2 single-hump camels there.  I had always understood that camels were il-tempered and messy, but these 2 were great!  They LOVED having their necks scratched, and were very gentle.  As someone else there put it, they almost had "prehensile" lips!  They were cool.  :-)

Can't remember what these guys were called either, but they were kinda like deer.  The mother was REALLY hungry and would push people over to get their food, but was a sweety otherwise.  The 2 babies were sooooo cute!  The first pic is when i was scratching one of them...he/she LOVED it.  *grin*

OK, I'll be honest.  I couldn't even pronouce this guys name when I was reading it!  There were a bunch of them, but they were really skittish.  They almost never came anywhere near the fence, even when people had food.  They looked cute, if a bit goofy.  :-)

This poor giraffe is a darling, but not trusting at all.  It's only 1.5 years old and doesn't like people much.  It would eventually come up and each out of a cup when offered, but wouldn't eat out of your hand.  Also, unlike all the other animals, if you tried petting it while feeding it, it would very quickly bug out, usually before you even touched it!  It's really too was quite a cute little giraffe.

Goats are goats are goats, right?  Heh, and baby animals are baby animals.  Baby goats are just as fun to play with as puppies and kittens!  Oh yeah, and they're much softer than the older goats.  I was really tempted to pick up 1 or 2 of them and just cuddle.  *grin*  The babies loved to get scratched.

How many people out there have pet a kangaroo?  THEY'RE FRICKIN SOFT!!!!  As in, softer than a bunny!!  Oh god, if they weren't such amazing animals, I'd almost want a blanked of 'roo fur to sleep it....almost.  These guys really weren't skittish, surprisingly enough.  We couldn't feed them (special diet), but when they wandered over they didn't mind being pet.  They really are amazing animals.

Llama's.  Not much else to say.  They were llama's.  :-P

OK, pot-bellied pigs ROCK!!!  I want one!  They were soooooo cute!!!  Not really all that soft, but damn cute and personable.  They also loved getting scratched.

What can I say other than this guy's one silly looking animal!!!  Can't remember what it was, but it looked like a cross between a llama and a poodle!  A real silly looking guys.