I think someone might be going to hell for this one...  ;-)

This goes out to all the techies:

Has anyone ever wanted to see a Banana Dance?  (warning: 800k download)

For those enough not old enough to remember, this was a computer ad from 1989!  (YES, computers have dropped in price that much!)

Anyone out there want a legal way to "trip"?  Give this a click and you won't NEED acid!
For any gamers out there, or anyone who's experienced a LARP even and laughed, this one's for you!
Here's a link to a VERY rude Popeye clip.  This is not for kids...it answers the questions of the adult effects of spinich on Popeye!
Here's a quick example of how I spent my last week or 2 at work (notice the score).  If you don't know, I was given 2.5 months notice that i was going to be downsized.....

Ok, I'm actually a bit proud of this one.  Not only winning at MS Hearts, but making all 3 of your competitors go over 100 is HARD!  yet, I was successful.  ;-)

Oh yeah!  I'm the Mack Daddy, the Daddy Mack!  This one was done on 9/19/02 around 2:05 PM.  Somebody kiss me!!  *giggle*

Well, no more Hearts for me.  This is just getting too easy and boring now. ing now.  This was done on 9/21 around 11:35 AM.