Wedding Pictures!!  These are pictures from 2 friend's wedding (Meri & Dean).

Here are some pics from my trip to the Texas State Fair.  (warning, this is a relatively large download.)

Here's my new family pictures page!

Here's one of my best friends.  She's showing off her new Aggie Senior Ring.

This one is from a party.  I was VERY drunk...I don't remember having this picture taken.  0:-)

Here's Arwyn and I at my sister's wedding.

This is Dehna, another good friend.  I met her when she and Arwyn were roommates.

Here's another of Dehna.  She's with her boyfriend Rick at their going away party.  They're moving to Charlotte, NC.  *pout*

The blurry image in front on the right is me.  Can you tell how scary the roller coaster was (NOT)?

Here I am at a party a few years ago.  Despite the sign, I hadn't been drinking beer...just 3-4 bottles of champagne.  ;-)

Here are 2 pics in memory of the students who died in the 1999 Texas A&M Bonfire collapse.  They will be remembered.

The 2 ladies are friends from my old job (Janet & Allison).  The guy is a friend of Janet's.  These 2 ladies are wild and crazy partiers!!

Here's Joanne, my old girlfriend.  I got to see her when I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival.  I hadn't seen her for quite a while before that.